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I 100% get it – I am exactly the same when it comes to my business and my personal brand. You’re looking for an artist with a keen eye for creativity and unique images. You want someone who will help you stand out in today’s competitive market by creating content that gets noticed by your audience. And of course, you want original photography that defies convention and helps you claim new territory.  

You’re after an experienced photographer and content creator, that understands that you do what you do because there is a depth of feeling. Not just field. 

That your personal goals somewhat tie into your business goals, that what you set out to do not only makes someone’s life better, it adds value to their life or business, it allows them to grow or allows them to be themselves. That the knock-on effect of what you provide to the world makes an impact on the community and gives back in some sort of way. And that everyone that is involved in that moment, is truly a part of something very special and uplifting.

And that my friend, is exactly what my business is about.

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personal & branding photography services

I am here to help you show up online confidently, so that your ideal clients can find and connect with what they want.

In my role as a branding photographer, I am focused on helping small businesses define their brand. My aim is to help you create an identity that resonates with your target audience, so they can easily understand your story, and all of the things that make up who “you” are, and how it relates back into being able to attract not only new business or clients, but your ideal client or customer.

And whilst it’s okay to have more casual shots on your social media, I work with you to produce out of the box (and world) professional images, that you can use on your website, social media and in your marketing material.

From corporate headshots to portrait photography to action shots, my goal is to give you some spectacular images that will speak volumes about you to your potential clients and collaborators, pretty much letting them know that you mean business!

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I can also do the same for your products. I will work with you to create product images that will instantly impress the second that screen loads. In this arena, having product images that blend into the landscape may lower your chances of being picked off when customers are creating the “wishlist”, but the rewards will be picked over as the most memorable item gets added to cart. 

If you’re just starting out or not 100% sure if I am the right photographer for you, please don’t be shy, feel free to get in touch and let’s chat



Your personal branding shoot is entirely what you make it. Below is a quick over view of my three packages for casual one-off photoshoots to cover a variety of photography needs. 

All of my photography packages include a brand clarity call and a collaborative Pinterest mood board to help me understand your business and the vibe that you are going for. 

The below prices include basic photo editing only. If images require advanced photo edits, please contact me for a quote before making a booking.

For a complete overview of pricing, including terms and conditions, please head on over to the pricing & packages page.

Bronze - $600

  • 1 hour photo shoot session
  • 1 – 3 people or 1 – 4 business products
  • 1 outfit or flat lay style
  • 1 – 2 different locations
  • Basic photoshop filter
  • 10 uniquely edited images – in colour & black and white
  • 48 hour turnaround

Silver - $700

  • 2 hour photoshoot session
  • 1 – 4 people or 1 – 5 business products
  • 1 – 2 outfits or flat lay styles 
  • 2 – 3 different locations
  • 15 uniquely edited images – in colour & black and white
  • 48 hour turnaround

Gold - $800

  • 3 hour photoshoot session
  • 1 – 5 people or 1 – 6 business products
  • 2 – 3 outfits or flat lay styles
  • 3 – 4 different locations
  • 20 uniquely edited images – in colour & black and white
  • 48 hour turnaround

For more information and to view the terms and conditions for the photoshoot bookings, please head to the pricing and packages page