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Perth City Bar Rooftop as a example of location ideas for your brand photoshoot

4 Location Ideas For Your Brand Photoshoot: Part 1

4 Location Ideas For Your Brand Photoshoot

There’s a lot of factors that go into pulling off the perfect personal brand photoshoot and one of those factors is choosing an awesome location which is an important and impactful part of any personal brand photoshoot. 

Your location choice Is one of the pieces of the puzzle of your creative direction that helps tell your brand’s story and communicates your message and personality to your audience.

You may be dreading the thought of finding a location that suits the story you want to tell but location scouting is a heap of fun and it’s something I love working on with my clients so we can find the most perfect location to do our personal branding photoshoot.

It’s important to always try to mix your locations up and make every photoshoot different from the last. 

In saying that though there are some branding photoshoot locations categories I use over and over because they are so useful and fit in with a lot of personal brands.

So here are 4 personal brand photoshoot location ideas to give you inspiration for your next personal brand photoshoot!

Location Ideas For Your Personal Brand Photoshoot: Cafe’s

The first location ideas for your brand photoshoot which is everyone’s favourite location and that’s cafes!

And Perth has a lot of amazing cafes for personal branding photoshoots

I like that pretty much all of my clients like using cafe’s as an option because it’s a place they can incorporate into their daily life frequently. 

Not only can you get a much-needed coffee or hot chocolate like myself, but you can use the range of drinks, foods, desserts and whatever else they have on the menu as props. 

Cafe’s are also a casual place to hold a client meeting or simply get buried into your work from your laptop making it another great location to tell parts of your story.

What i love most about cafe’s as a personal brand photoshoot location is that they are so versatile that you can accomplish so much in the one area.

Here in Perth we have no shortage of cafes so no matter where you’re from there are so many trendy cafe spots to choose from that will match your personal brand.

La veen espresso interior as a example of location ideas for your brand photoshoot

Location Ideas For Your Personal Brand Photoshoot: Rooftops

The second location in this set of location ideas for your brand photoshoot and my personal favourite when it comes to personal brand photoshoots are rooftops and for a good reason.

Rooftops make for a picturesque location option that captures your city in ways you may never of thought of! 

It’s the perfect photoshoot location for the city slicker who wants to add some flavour to their personal brand photoshoot location options and personal brand aesthetic and not just capture photos of walking in the streets.

Rooftops also allow you the opportunity to tell different types of stories to connect with like-minded clients in your area. So never underestimate the power of a rooftop photo.

Perth city bar rooftop as a example of location ideas for your brand photoshoot

Location Ideas For Your Personal Brand Photoshoot: Air BnB

From experience I find that a lot of clients have loved to have their personal brand photoshoots within their own home or their home office.

Which is fine to use when it comes to location ideas for your brand photoshoot.

But sometimes your own home just doesn’t have the right aesthetic to match your personal brand.

Which makes an AirBnB the perfect location substitute.

One of the best parts of renting an Airbnb is that you have the location rented for a long period of time so you set up the location to suit your aesthetic with the props you desire.

So what type of photos is a AirBnB good for? 

A stylish Airbnb is the perfect location to use if you want to show a day in your life in your photos or if you want more casual lifestyle photos to reflect parts of your personal brand.

Air bnb in cogee used as a example of location ideas for your brand photoshoot

Location Ideas For Your Personal Brand Photoshoot: Restaurant 

My last location in this part of location ideas for your brand photoshoot is a restaurant.

A restaurant offers yet another storytelling opportunity.

Just make sure to go at non-peak operating hours which are generally between 2-4pm if the restaurant opens at lunch.

But it’s best to ask the restaurant ahead of time if you can take photos inside their venue and see if you can book a section of the restaurant to use.

Some places are very welcoming to the idea of having a personal branding photoshoot within their restaurant and would only ask if can you tag them in any insta stories and the photos you share.

Perth restaurant used as a example of location ideas for your brand photoshoot

In The End

There you have it, 4 awesome location ideas for your personal brand photoshoot.

I hope you enjoyed this article, i hope you found it helpful and inspired you to go out and find amazing photoshoot locations for your next personal branding photoshoot.

If you would like to learn more about personal branding and tips that will help you feel more confident and comfortable in front of camera then click here

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