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How to Use Corporate Headshots On Your Website

There’s one thing I get asked when taking corporate headshots for clients and that is how to use corporate headshots on your website.

Before I answer that I’m going to rewind a little

When you own your own business, having a website is crucial.

What’s even more crucial is having an eye-catching, open, friendly headshot of yourself ‘out there’ on your website as well.

When your business is you, a reflection of your personal brand especially if you’re in a helper industry like coaching or consulting, it’s even more crucial.

What might make for a good headshot in general does not necessarily make a great headshot that you can use in your website banner.

People, your ideal clients want to connect a face with the voice on your website.

It’s one of the things that helps build that Know / Like / Trust factor with your ideal audience.

So on that note, I wanted to share some tips on how to use corporate headshots on your website. 

Have Continuity

My first tip on how to use corporate headshots on your website is to have continuity.

Make sure that you have a clean continuity across all of your professional sites, this includes your business website, personal branding website as well as your active social media profiles. 

If you can, use the same headshot across all your profiles so you are distinctly recognisable across the internet.

If you can’t use the exact same headshot for all your profiles, make sure you look recognisable and similar in all of the pics including the same outfit and hair style.

Show Your Shoulders

My second tip on how to use corporate headshots on your website may sound weird, but it’s showing your shoulders.

Make sure your personal branding photographer gets lots of photos where your full shoulders (side-to-side) are included in the frame. 

A lot of times, when using your headshot in a website design, it’s needed to remove the background and place your image over a custom designed background that compliments your website design. 

What does this have to do with showing your shoulders though? 

Well, when your shoulders aren’t framed in the picture, it looks awkward and just doesn’t work… That simple.

Experiment With Different Body Shots

Third tip on how to use corporate headshots on your website is to experiment with different body shots.

In your website banner, website designers often use either head and shoulders or full torso photos. 

But it can be fun and different to have full body shots (or from the knees up)

So have your personal branding photographer experiment with how much of your body is included in the shot.

Get More Than You Need

Off the back of the previous point leads us to point number four on how to use corporate headshots on your website which is get more than you need. 

Simply, it’s relatively easy to crop things out of a picture, but it’s near impossible to add things in.

So when you’re on your personal branding photoshoot get your personal branding photographer to take your photos with a little extra in them than less.

This could be extra space around you or extra body space in the frame.

Think Dynamic Backgrounds

When planning your personal branding photoshoot your personal branding photographer and you would be thinking of the perfect locations to do your photoshoot.

Try and find somewhere really dynamic

If you have a really dynamic background in your personal branding photoshoot that speaks about your brand in some way, the whole photo can serve to drive the banner (and ultimately the whole website) design. 

That would be ideal as it can save you design $$$

If you go in this direction, make sure you have options to choose from where you are positioned off to the side of the background, so  your logo can be incorporated, your Unique Value Proposition, or other text that might live in the banner of your website.

And just make sure your personal branding photographer shoots the shots needed (should have a shot list) for this getting more than you need (point above)

Wear What Makes You Confident

One of the most important tips on how to use corporate headshots on your website is to wear what makes you feel confident.

Wear things that you are comfortable and confident in and fit you well as this will shine through your images and on your website.

Your clients want to work with someone that’s confident, confident in themselves and with what they do  and you need to show that straight away through your personal branding photos on your website.

What NOT to Wear

Off the back of wear what makes you confident is the next tip on how to use corporate headshots on your website which is what NOT to wear.

Avoid clothing that has big or busy patterns

It can detract your audience from the focal point of the personal branding photoshoot which is you and may not fit well into a dynamic of the website design. 

Solid colors give you a lot more flexibility in this department so stick with them and you’ll be ok.


This may be hard for some but smile with an open mouth and show some of your teeth! 

Studies have shown that a smile that shows your pearly whites makes you appear more competent, influential, and most importantly, more likable. 

That’s all pluses for connecting with your audience on your website.

So make sure on your personal branding photoshoot you show some teeth! a  brief moment of discomfort for those who hate smiling could reap big returns.

Have Fun

Leaving my best tip till last on how to use corporate headshots on your website is to just have fun with it!

It’s important to have fun on your personal branding photoshoot and let your personality show through.

Personally, this is how you will achieve the best results for your personal branding photos to use on your website.

You will look comfortable, confident, attractive and approachable.

In The End

There you have it, my super easy and simple tips on how to use corporate headshots on your website to achieve the best results and to make a influential impact with your ideal audience when they land on your website.

If you would like to know more on how i can help you with your personal branding photography or corporate headshots you can contact me here.

If you need help with your website and getting it working like a well oiled machine my friend Michelle is an incredible web designer and builder who can work wonders for you, check her out here

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