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How to Prepare For A Successful Personal Brand Photoshoot

How to Prepare For A Successful Personal Brand Photoshoot

In the current social and economical landscape we find ourselves in having a personal brand is imperative to your business success. Which means having a personal brand photoshoot is crucial to your personal branding success, problem is not many know hot to prepare for a personal brand photoshoot.

Let me rewind and explain what a personal brand is for those reading who don’t know.

Your personal brand is much more than a cute squiggle, complementary colors or a witty slogan that you add to your documents and emails

Your personal brand is the visual representation of you when your clients think of you.

And because of human design, there is no better way to get that representation across to your potential clients than with a personal brand photoshoot.

It will keep your visuals telling the best stories no matter where you post them such as social media, your website or an online course.

When I did my very first personal brand photoshoot back in 2016, I had no idea what I needed or what i was doing.

I knew nothing about the types of images I would need for my online presence, how i should pose, what clothes to wear or what props to use.

Literally no idea, i just saw stuff online and thought it would be easy.

Flash forward to 2020, and I’ve got the personal brand photoshoot all figured out.

 I’ve learned how to style myself a do a photoshoot that shows my personality, tells my story and most importantly connects with my audience.

So how can you prepare for a successful personal brand photoshoot? here are my 8 tips for making a successful personal brand photoshoot happen.

Decide What Your Goals Are

The first and most important step on how to plan a successful personal brand photoshoot is to decide what your goals are.

This is important. 

Because creating amazing photos for your personal brand is more than just taking pretty pictures.

It’s setting your personal brand and business up for growth, longevity and success.

Without having a clear goal, something to work towards your photos won’t achieve your desired result.

What is your goal?

  • Launching your new business
  • Offering new services?
  • A rebrand?
  • Are you launching a new ebook, course, or product?

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but ill repeat it, once you know the WHY to what you’re doing, it becomes a lot easier to find direction in what you’re doing.

Where Are You Using Your Photos

The next step in how to prepare for a personal brand photoshoot is to know exactly where you’re going to use your photos.

I always ask clients when we are planning the photoshoot where or what you will be using the photos for or on.

If they are primarily photos for their website banner image and blog for example then the images will need to be more landscape opposed to portrait.

It’s super important when planning to know the type of shots you need for the different places your personal brand photos might be used in.

By keeping the WHERE in mind when planning your personal brand photoshoot, you’ll have a range of content that will work well for all of your marketing and promotional requirements.

Create a Mood Board

This is my favourite part of the process, creating a mood board!

Mood boards are a very powerful, effective, visual way to help you achieve the right tone and aesthetic for your personal brand.

Not only this, but i think more importantly it will help you and your photographer get on the same page when it comes to the shoot and make the shooting process so much easier.

To find inspiration when creating your mood board is Pinterest due to it’s search functionality and Instagram if you search for the right accounts.

 To save your inspiration you can either:

  • Create a board on Pinterest and fill it with images that inspire you and what match your direction. 


  • Save the images and add them to a Google Slide 

Things to keep in mind when collecting images for your mood board:

  • Find props and objects that you think you could use to communicate your message
  • Compositions and framing e.g. You in the distance, framed to be in the bottom left
  • Poses that make you feel yourself and will make your audience feel a certain way about you
  • Locations e.g. city scape on a rooftop or sitting at a cafe

All of this will help make sure that you and your photographer are on the same page and you get the images you want.

Create a Shot List

Next up for how to prepare for a personal brand photoshoot is making a shot list.

A shot list is a guide to keep the photoshoot on track and the best way to make sure your personal brand photo shoot meets your expectations.

Before your photoshoot take some time to sit down and write out all the shots you need and do yourself the biggest favour and take out any room for guesses.

Bounce the ideas with your photographer and they may be able to add more shots to the list that they think will work with your direction.

…. And you avoid the chances of spending time and money on a reshoot.

Here’s some examples shots:

  • Shooting over the shoulder at myself holding my mobile phone
  • Long shot from a side angle of me sitting with my computer
  • Close up shot of me having fun and laughing while holding a takeaway cup of coffee

Get as specific as you need to and tick them off the list as you and your photographer nail the shots.

Get the Props Together

One of my favourite parts on how to prepare for a personal brand photoshoot is getting props!

Now that you have your shot list put together it should tell you what props you’re going to need for every single shot.

If you don’t have some of the items already, you’ll need to get  them elsewhere.

Don’t be too put off by this, you don’t have to spend lots of money, you can get props on a budget and you can just have fun with this, get creative and let your imagination break free.

The idea of a personal brand photoshoot is to have fun and inject personality.

This can even be as simple as buying spray paint and coating your office supplies in your brand colors.

Your makeup, hair and clothing are also props and need to fit in with your brand’s style so be careful on what you decide to do with them all.

If your brand is more corporate, go for well styled hair, bold eyes, smart-corporate clothing 

If your brand is more edgy, get out a leather jacket, a bold red lipstick (if you’re a female) or adding some bright, colored highlights to your hair.

Just remember, as long as each prop you use injects personality to your photoshoot and illustrates your brand’s story, you’ll be fine.

Pick Your Outfits

Your outfits will communicate to your audience who you are, what you stand for and your brand’s message.

So pull out every piece of clothing in your wardrobe that compliments your brand and it’s colours while helping to tell your story.

If need be, buy new clothes, it’s a investment.

Then, think about accessories that complement your clothes and which can help you boost your message.

For example, if you want to be seen as an authority in your niche, consider wearing something that’s like a statement piece. This can be a bold necklace, watch, shining earrings, scarf, cufflinks, tie bar or a pair of striking shoes or heels.

Don’t fall into the trap of wearing a blazer just because you think it will make you look professional…. Because really it can show that you haven’t put much thought into your outfit.

Most importantly, choose clothing items that make you feel comfortable, confident and you because if you feel comfortable and

confident then you look comfortable and confident.

And, you’ll attract people who like you for your own unique vibe.

Get Posing and Practice

The next tip i have on how to prepare for a personal brand photoshoot is to get practicing.

You need a variety of poses for your promos, social media, blog, sales page, website, Instagram Stories… you name it.

This stuff isn’t a one pose fits all kind of scenario.

And i know, you’re probably getting anxiety just thinking about coming up with different poses.

I suggest scouring social media and looking at the celebrities, personal brands or fellow online entrepreneurs whose vibe and poses you like to draw inspiration from. 

This is a massive confidence booster when it comes to how to prepare for a personal brand photoshoot.

Save as many images as you can of these people and add them to your mood board.

Then, get practicing!!

Get dressed in your outfit choices, stand in front of a mirror, get out your mood board and experiment with all the different poses, finding your favorite angles and what you feel comfortable doing.

Then, hone in on your facial expressions. Practice different ways of smiling, laughing, being serious, all the emotions you need for your brands story 

Get to know the angles of your face.

By adding a variety of poses and facial expressions to your utility belt, you’ll feel more confident during your photoshoot and less awkward in front of the photographer.

But don’t stress out if you’re struggling on the shoot, it takes a few goes to get more and more confident before you become a natural and finding what works for you.

Just like riding a bike it takes practice.

And a good photographer will always direct you and help you find the right angles to bring out the real you.

Hire a Photographer

The last step in how to prepare for a personal brand photoshoot is to hire a photographer.

But not any photographer, the right photographer

Find a photographer that is the best fit for you.

If you come across a local Instagrammer or business owner who has some fantastic personal brand photos – reach out and ask them who took their pictures

Once you’ve found a few photographers you like, DM them or send out an email and start a connection. 

My tip, you want to work with someone who understands your goals, your vision, who believes in your message, who loves your vibe and aesthetic, and is just as excited as you to shoot your photographs.

This will make you feel very comfortable on shoot day and you’ll get the perfect personal brand photos that you’ll be happy with.

A personal brand photoshoot is a team effort so pick your team mate wisely.

In The End

That’s It! You now have everything you need on how to prepare for a personal brand photoshoot.

I really hope this article helped!

Remember, the number one thing to a successful shoot is to bring your personality to life through that connecting with your audience.

But more importantly, than that just have fun with the process and make sure all the details connect to your brand.

You want your potential clients or customers to look at a photo and immediately associate it with you. 

That’s when you know you’ve created a winning personal brand. 

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