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4 Easy Steps To Improve Your Social Media Presence

With the constant changes in technology, how businesses communicate their story and messaging to their audience will never remain the same.

But with the right plan, you can create specific and compelling social media content on a budget that will resonate with your audience.

Businesses need to communicate with their customers. But what’s the best way? What’s the best platform?

For small businesses, one of the only things that matter is producing compelling social media content and giving it to their audiences, regardless of the social media channel.

Despite the abundance of negativity and instability stigmatised around social media heaps, small businesses have found impactful ways to utilise it to engage with their communities.

The customers of 2020 are swamped with messaging.

It’s coming at them from every way they look. it’s coming from the t.v, radio, phones, tablets, billboards, signs, you name it.

It’s everywhere, all around us and while that may seem like overkill, it’s necessary.

Social media should be used as a tool to grow and nurture relationships with customers. More businesses need to realise that and not just use it as a sales tool.

Small businesses are often closer to their customers but may have less capacity to create quality, compelling social media content, and that’s ok.

All you need to do is grasp what role social media can play in your business, then learn how to create content, and make their content rise above the rest.

It can feel really hard, it can feel like a struggle, more like an impossible task.

People struggle (including myself sometimes) with social media because they have no idea what content to post for their audiences, they don’t have the right training in using technology, and most of all a great fear of the financial expenses.

But it’s ok! It doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive at all. With the right strategy, you and your small businesses can develop an efficient and cost-effective social media strategy.

Make a Plan and Stay Consistent

We’ve all heard the sayings “failing to plan is planning to fail” and “consistency is key”

Well, It’s true, hate to say it but it is.

From the very beginning of your social media journal, you need to plan for consistency in creating and sharing your social media content with your audience.

It took my ages to figure this out.

What I learned was that the more you plan and recognise efficiencies in the beginning, the easier the whole process will be.

Even though in the beginning I never planned and I was never consistent, looking back, If I did I would probably be further in my journey.

You also need to be prepared to get amongst any and every kind of social media platform. There are opportunities in all of them.

I know, it’s overwhelming to think about how you can create content for all these social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and now TikTok.

But here’s the thing, as you start creating more and more social media content, you’ll find your voice, just have patience, it’ll come.

This built-in process is the first step to improve your social media presence and creating efficiencies in your process and keeping your budget under control.

Don’t Reinvent, Instead, Repurpose

I’m just going to say it now, repurposing content will save you time, money and headaches.

For any small business, There’s a social media budget and therefore social media needs to produce a measurable return on investment.

To save time and to be cost-effective, you need content that’s as versatile as possible.

Everything you do on social media needs to serve multiple purposes. What do I mean? Well;

I write blogs, on many different topics, but for example, I wrote a blog on 6 Tips to Prepare Yourself For Corporate Headshots and shared it on my website.

Then, I broke down the article into 6 individual Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn captions and stories about that topic.

(I’ll be doing the same with this article as well)

To cut time and energy on visual assets, you can get a designer to assist or use free stock images.

So I spend the time researching and writing an initial blog article and then a fraction of the time breaking it apart for social media content.

It’s about identifying and maximising efficiencies in what you’re already doing.

This repurposing strategy will save you a heap of time, money and headaches. It will also help reduce creative fatigue (it’s a real thing), and leave you with more content than you thought was possible.

Your social media production plant is now open for business.

Test, Test, Test, Swirl and Mix then Remix

With all of the social media platforms that are available and the volume of content, means that you’ll be producing you’ll have a heap of material.

This is amazing because it presents the opportunity for you to refine content for your specific audiences in a very specific way and improve your social media presence.

Each social media platform has its own metric for success, and one method that works on one platform may crash and burn on another.

You need to test, test, test and learn from the wins and the losses to develop a winning strategy for each social media platform.

For example, on Instagram, go into your analytics and see what brought the most engagement and what didn’t.

Whatever content made the most engagement create more of it. The content that brought the least engagement you can refine it or just bin it.

By paying close attention to even basic social media stats and analytics you can identify which customer profile is looking where, what attracted them, and how you might be able to persuade them to become a customer.

And since you’ve already got a library of content stored away and easily accessible for any scenario, you can begin your outreach and improve your social media presence in a flash.

Let Your Customers Do The Heavy Lifting

It’s often said that a business’ best marketers are its happy customers.

That’s because a happy customer will become your biggest fan and will be the first to tell their friends and family about their experience with you.

A happy customer becomes your best promoter and your first defender and that’s super powerful when it comes to improving your social media presence.

As a result of converting customers into fans is that you may have to create far less content.

Happy customers often enjoy engaging with the businesses that made a fun and memorable moment happen or solved a specific problem, and they like to create content about it and leave comments a part of their regular social media routine.

User-generated content is a gift that keeps on giving.

Potential customers love to see products in action, It’s a great focus of appeal and you may be able to use that content in the social media production plant you’ve created.

Using their content means less work for you, and to potential customers, there’s a more authentic feeling about the thoughts and opinions from people like them than anything you say.

This is The End

It’s not easy playing the social media game.

There’s a sea of competition, there are internal battles that break us down and paralyse us from creating, not to mention financial restrictions to name a few.

But I believe by following these 4 easy steps you will become more and more confident in creating content for your social media, growing and improving your social media presence.

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