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10 Really Short Reasons Why Your Business Needs Visual Content Creation

Before I begin on why your business needs visual content creation, I’ll define for those who don’t know what content creation is.

Content creation is the process of thinking of ideas that appeal to your target audience then creating visual and also written content around those ideas to share with your audience as pictures, video, podcast or blog formats.

So why is content creation important then?

As a Perth content creator, I believe content creation is an inbound marketing practice, and probably one of the absolute best at that.

When you create content, you’re actually providing free and most importantly useful and valuable information to your target audience to solve a problem they have, using it to attract potential customers to your website to find out more about you, and keeping existing customers loyal to you through quality engagement.

Content creation also allows you the opportunity to educate potential customers, showcase your expertise, and build credibility.

If you haven’t considered creating content, specifically visual content for your business here’s 10 really short reasons why your business needs it.

Grabs Attention

Attention is everything and visual content creation is extremely powerful in grabbing your audience’s attention with powerful imagery.

With the enormous amount of information being posted and shared online – 1.5 billion units of content – businesses need to do everything they can to grab the attention of their target audience.

Visual elements increase people’s willingness to read content by a massive 80%

Speeds Up the Processing Process

In a fast-moving digital world where attention spans are limited speed is important.

The human brain can only process a limited amount of information at a given time.

Data that can be processed much faster, such as compelling photos and videos, will have a much better impact on your audience.

Makes Nonverbal Communication Better

Did you know that  93% of all human communication is non-verbal?

I was blown away by that number as well don’t worry.

Combining visual elements with well-written text is a great way for your business to capture the imagination of your target audience.

Go Viral

It doesn’t happen often, but a chance is a chance.

Visual content can go completely viral across the world if an audience loves it enough to want to share it with their online communities and social networks.

This helps to build your business gain, new customers, build credibility, corporate integrity, and improve customer loyalty.

Improves the Understanding of Consumers

Photographically strong brands are dynamic, emotional, and timeless.

Adding photographs and videos that explain your brand’s or business’s message or story helps your target audience better understand and appreciate the message you’re trying to deliver to them.

This allows your audience to better relate to your brand or business, it makes you more likeable and it will make your audience want to buy from you because they want to support you.

Influences Emotions

In marketing one of the most fundamental principles is this.

People buy because of an emotion they are feeling, then justify the decision with logic.

In spite of their hard-fought efforts to make purchases based on more rational analysis, consumers will always make purchasing decisions based on their emotional influence.

And because we are visually orientated creatures the use of captivating photographs will drive emotional responses about your brand or business.

Provokes Action

Whether we like it or not we are now in a digital age in which a business is defined by those who experience it.

With so many options available to consumers, provoking them to take action can be very challenging.

40% of online users will give a more favourable response to visual content than to content that is only text-based.

Increases Your Engagement

Engagement is something any brand and business wants when it comes to the content they produce.

The fact is photographs and videos are so much easier to consume than just text.

Only text= Boring= No engagement

Stats show that Facebook campaigns generate 65% more engagement and tweets average 35% more retweets when including a photograph than those without.

Creates a Good Perception

Humans are conditioned to make snap judgments, sometimes on a subconscious level.

That’s why an on-brand and professional appearance from the use of photographs and videos displaying your products or services in context creates a good perception with your audience.

Boosts Sales

The one thing every brand and business wants to achieve… More Sales.

There is a direct link between utilising high-quality images and videos in your business and the growth of foot and online traffic which equates to more and more sales.

Photos and videos help consumers visualise themselves using your products and services, and allows them to imagine it solving a specific problem they have or improving their life and enjoying an experience in some way, shape or form.

Want more sales? Creating more visuals will help you get there.

In The End

Visual content creation can be and most probably will be a gruelling process but a process that will pay off tremendously with your audience.

Once you find your rhythm to the motions of the content creation process, you’ll be able to produce powerful and valuable creative work that not only makes your audience happy but also grows your business never thought of heights.

If you would like to learn more digital marketing tips and strategies, then visit my digital marketing blog here for more. Enjoy!

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